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Dr. Ann C.

Headshot of Ann C.



  • Degree: DVM
    School: Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine 
    Track: Public and Corporate
    Class of 2019
  • Degree: MPH
    School: Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
    Class of 2018


  • DACVPM Board eligible


  • Atlanta, GA

Bio in brief...

At present, I'm an Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I am completing a 2 year training program in applied epidemiology in the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) at CDC, working in the Rickettsial Zoonoses Branch (RZB). RZB utilizes a One Health approach to understand rickettsial diseases and improve prevention and control activities to reduce their public health burden both domestically and internationally. This work helps us understand the epidemiology and disease ecology of rickettsial diseases, focusing on the importance of human, animal, and arthropod interaction for disease emergence. I work on outbreak investigations, prevention protocols, data analysis, communications products, and development of novel surveillance methods. 

Also, I recently completed (6/2022) the Veterinary ORISE fellowship in the One Health Office at CDC, and a part time small animal practitioner.