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Julie S.

Julie S.



  • Degree: DVM
    School: Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
    Class of 2004




  • Glen Rose, TX

Bio in brief...

At present, I'm working as the Associate Veterinarian at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (a semi-free range zoological park focused on the breeding of endangered hoofstock, carnivores, and birds). 

I am the Chair of the Ungulate Resource Group and a Veterinary Co-Advisor for the Rhino Research Council.  My personal interests include anesthesia in hoofstock in general and rhinoceros medicine specifically.  I've worked in the zoo field here in the states for the past 15 years, but also do a fair amount of in situ wildlife work in other countries, including release projects of African sahelian hoofstock in Chad and GPS collaring of lowland tapirs in Paraguay.  

I am a Virginia Tech grad, both undergrad and through VMCVM for vet school.  I graduated from the VMCVM in 2004. The veterinary education at VMCVM was excellent; however, at the time, it was significantly lacking in anything zoo related.  So additional training was a definite requirement! 

Following graduation, I completed a Small Animal Rotating Internship at a busy specialty practice outside D.C. and spent a year working as the Clinical Laboratory Animal Veterinarian at Virginia Tech.  This was followed by a Zoological Medicine Internship at Kansas State University, which helped cement my path into zoo medicine.  I sat for ACZM boards and passed in 2015 via the experiential route.