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Dr. Kari M.

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  • Degree: DVM
    School: Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine 
    Track: Public and Corporate
    Class of 2016
  • Degree: MPH
    School: Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
    Class of 2016


  • Laural, MD

Bio in brief...

At present, I am a Senior Public Health Veterinarian/Scientist, Rotational Assistant Program Manager, Section Supervisor, and Project Manager at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL) as well as a part-time Associate Veterinarian at Hickory Veterinary Hospital in Forest Hill, Maryland.

I have the unique privilege of pursuing two careers to follow each of my lifelong passions: clinical veterinary medicine and public and population health. In my position at JHU/APL, I apply animal health data to surveillance technology and examine risk factors for zoonotic pathogen transmission and other public health risks.  My specialties include working with odor detection canines, decontamination, global health capacity building, national security and biodefense initiatives, integrated surveillance, and application of the One Health approach to novel use cases. I also serve as an expert consult for the US Government, Tripartite (WHO/WOAH/FAO), and several large internationally recognized non-profit organizations.

I may have potential internship/externship opportunities (I have a former PC grad working for me now). I'm glad to help share my network with students as well; if I can't offer them the experience they're looking for, I may be able to link them up with one of my colleagues.