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Dr. Rob B.

Headshot of Rob B.



  • Degree: DVM
    School: Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine 
    Track: Public and Corporate
    Class of 2016
  • Degree: MS -Biology
    School: Case Western Reserve University
    Class of 2013




  • Seattle, WA

Bio in brief...

At present, I'm a Clinical Veterinarian at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido, California. 

In my current position, my primary responsibilities are in clinical zoological medicine practice, working with species ranging from megavertebrates and hoofstock in a semi-free-ranging setting, to other mammalian, avian, and reptilian zoological species. My other duties include involvement in conservation projects, wildlife health research, and resident/student training. In addition, I am actively involved in positions in the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians and American College of Zoological Medicine, and I serve as an AZA Species Survival Plan veterinary advisor.

Prior to my current position, I was an Associate Veterinarian at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington. I completed a residency in zoological medicine in 2021 through the University of California Davis, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, SeaWorld San Diego, and Sacramento Zoo. Prior to my residency, I completed a zoological medicine internship at Kansas State University and small animal rotating internship at Oregon State University.