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Center for Public and Corporate Veterinary Medicine (CPCVM)

Veterinary medicine is a profession with wide-ranging opportunities, and whether you are a graduate veterinarian or aspire to become one, an exposure to the broad knowledge and skills needed for public and corporate practice will prepare you to adapt to society's changing needs as well as your own evolving career preferences. Established almost three decades ago, the Center has a long history of training veterinarians for careers beyond private clinical practice.

Find your place in Public and Corporate Veterinary Medicine

For Veterinary Students

A group of students with Dean givens pose for a photograph infront of a background indoors.

As a student in the Public and Corporate Veterinary Medicine track, you’ll learn from experienced faculty through courses designed to build knowledge and skills relevant to all areas of public and corporate practice.

Courses include frequent guest speakers from diverse sectors of veterinary medicine, providing a unique opportunity to meet and learn directly from current practitioners.  The track includes hands-on experience through externships with agencies and organizations in your area of interest.

In addition, the CPCVM administers several student travel award programs available to veterinary students from across the United States.

For Veterinarians

Two veterinarians examining a cat.

For veterinarians considering a career change, we offer assistance with a variety of resources and materials designed to guide you through a step-wise process towards the discovery of potential opportunities that would be a good, personal career fit.

In addition, the CPCVM maintains a DVM Career Transition Google group, to which public and corporate job opportunities are posted on behalf of employers. Members of our free listserv are notified as career transition workshops, new job positions, or other new career offerings become available.

To join the listserv, please send an email to

For Partners

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If you represent an agency, business, or organization in the public or corporate veterinary sector, we can assist your efforts to quickly assimilate veterinarians by providing specialized courses or modules designed to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities essential for the diverse field of veterinary public practice.

We are also partnering with other academic institutions to supplement their existing curriculum with established courses in public and corporate veterinary medicine

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