Dr. William Robert "Bill" Van Dresser (1929-2020) was an incredible asset to the veterinary community. After graduating from Michigan State University in 1952 with a B.S. in Dairy Production, he wasted no time in continuing to pursue his passion for the veterinary field at Michigan State with a M.S. in Veterinary Science in 1952 and a DVM in 1957. 

Bill started at Virginia Tech as the College Veterinarian after being at a large animal practice in Michigan, and was one of the early pesticide coordinators at Virginia Tech. In 1971, he became Associate Dean for Administration for the Extension Division and later the Director of Cooperative Extension, ultimately being promoted to Virginia Tech Vice President for Administration where he was instrumental in the inception of the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine before retiring in 1985. 

Because of his strong ties to Virginia Tech, Bill decided to create a legacy at the veterinary college through an endowed scholarship supporting veterinary students. He named this scholarship in honor of his father, Frank P. Van Dresser, to show his appreciation for the support he received throughout his life that allowed him to pursue his passion for veterinary medicine.

When the college established the Center for Public and Corporate Veterinary Medicine, Bill decided to have his scholarship benefit students who are interested in becoming outstanding scientists and leaders in the public and corporate sectors. We are honored to continue to honor Bill and his father's legacy in perpetuity.