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Resources for Career Transition

Whether you’re just exploring career options or ready to make a change, the CPCVM is dedicated to providing you with the resources you need to help you create a pathway towards a long-term personally fulfilling career. 

Career Transition Workshops:

We offer our career transition workshops to veterinarians who are considering a career change within the profession. This popular workshop guides participants through a step-wise process to help ensure that they ultimately choose positions that are a good personal fit and provide professional fulfilment.  The workshops typically feature a robust agenda of over a dozen speakers, including federal and state veterinarians, as well as veterinarians working in industry or entrepreneurial positions. In addition to speaker presentations, a variety of individual and group activities, group discussions, and expert panels are included. In parallel with exposure to the breadth of career opportunities in veterinary medicine provided by the speakers, self- and career-assessment, strategic job searching, resume building, professional networking, and other key career transition skills are covered. The workshop is approved for RACE™ continuing education credit.

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