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Dr. Chris G.

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  • Degree: DVM
    School: Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine 
    Track: Public and Corporate
    Class of 2018




  • Rochester, MN

Bio in brief...

At present, I'm working as a Clinical Veterinarian at the Mayo Clinic.

I enjoy working with various traditional laboratory animals in a translational research setting. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to teach and coach our Laboratory Animal Medicine residents and veterinary student externs.

Before veterinary school, I worked in the biopharmaceutical field in San Diego as a Research Associate in a Contract Research Organization (CRO). During this time, I met a veterinary researcher who provided mentorship and introduced me to the field of laboratory animal medicine. Shortly after, I decided to apply to veterinary school. After attending VMCVM, I completed a residency at the Oregon Health & Science University (part of the Oregon State Laboratory Animal Medicine Residency Consortium).

After finishing my 3-year residency program, I moved to Rochester, MN, to start my role as a faculty veterinarian. I continue to provide evidence-based clinical care for animals in a research and teaching environment alongside four other faculty veterinarians, three veterinary residents, and six vet techs. When I’m not rounding, I’m fulfilling my duties as an IACUC member (protocol review, site inspections, etc.), teaching, or performing research. I am also currently providing oversight of our aquatics program (zebrafish and Xenopus).